3 Steps To Building Authority In The Market Place

3 Steps To Building Authority In The Market Place

Hey Dan Muscat here, one of the things I find most newbie internet marketers struggle with is building authority so they position themselves as a trusted leader when they haven't had any results in their business yet.

I completely understand if you are at that point right now, it was the same for me and every marketer that is walking down the road you have embarked on…

You have just entered the world of online marketing, you have an offer or multiple offers to promote, you’re probably have just begun or still learning the skill sets needed to be a successful online marketer, and from market research you see a bunch of affiliates producing valuable content  on a regular basis, and you look up to them as an authority.

So how can you start to produce content like the pro’s as a complete newbie, or without any results…

Well if your reading this blog post then you are going to have three steps that you can take action on immediately and start producing content within 24 hours…

The 3 Steps to Building Authority In the marketplace are:

Step 1. Learn and implement– You need a result to create content for, and the fastest way to generate a result is to learn a strategy, for e.g.  how to generate leads using paid marketing.

Once you have learned that strategy then you need to implement what you just learned asap!

Traffic is one of the best ways to get an instant result as all marketers need traffic and if you can generate leads in a short amount of time then this would be the desired result!

Step 2. Create Content – Now you have learned a new strategy and you have also produced a result, e.g.  you generated X leads and sales in Y amount of time, you need to tailor your piece of content around that result. The best way is to explain and teach your followers how you achieved that result and how they can too!

Step 3. Blog Authority website – Have a self-branded blog authority website that will immediately brand you as the authority, and this is the place to load your content where you will send your email list too, your Facebook followers etc, and once again this will further tie the bond between you and your followers, building rapport and positioning you as the teacher!

If you remember these simple 3 steps every time you get a result with a new skill set you have learned, you will have an endless amount of content and value you can present to your followers!

Check out this video I recorded today explaining the 3 steps to building authority in the marketplace:

Press Play To Watch

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