The 4 Components Of A Profitable Offer

The 4 Components Of A Profitable Offer

Hey guys Dan Muscat here,

Are you spending more than you are making with your online business?

Chances are you might be promoting affiliate products from sites such as click bank that only give pay you a one time commission…

You see all over the internet of affiliate's screenshots of 1K, 2K or even 4k paydays, but they don't tell you how they accomplished that result do they?

Have you ever heard this quote by Dan Kennedy :

“The business that can pay the most to acquire a customer Wins.”

Let’s say you spend $200 on an ad campaign and you acquired a customer, you would be at a loss if you were promoting traditional affiliate products, however if you were to promote an offer with an ascension style sale funnel that ascends your customer through a tested and proven process with a phone sales team , then you would scale your business into profits pretty fast!

In this video, I just uploaded I explain to you the four components of a profitable offer, and If you revise these when you are researching online, and your offer meets these requirements, you can't go wrong.

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