How To Sell More Without Selling!


How To Sell More Without Selling!

Hey guys,

Dan here, I teach 100’s of internet marketers build a successful online business, and a re-occurring question keeps coming up…

‘how can I make more money and sell more products and services?’

And it's a fair question, but it's actually a lot easier than everyone thinks…

Simple answer is :

Position yourself as the authority!

So I'm going to break down in this blog post the top 5 simple ways you can be positioned as the authority in the marketplace , even if you have no results, no positioning, or you have just began your online journey!

These are the exact strategies that I implement in my business on a regular basis that I learned from mentor, and I wish I had seen this when I first began in 2015!

I'm excited for you…

So let's dive in:

1. A self-branded blog

This is  a place where you upload blog posts that will genuinely help your followers get results in their business, the easiest way to create blog posts is following a simple formula:

Learn -> Do -> Teach

Just remember you probably know a lot more than your followers if you have completed any online marketing training, however, you must implement what you learn and get results then you are qualified to teach what you learned and took action on!

So once you have uploaded a blog post you then send the link out to your email list so then they digest the information and this will immediately position you as a teacher.

I like self-branded blogs, and make your domain the same also, for example, you will notice mine is, this will be easier for your prospects to finds you again if they google it for that awesome content they wanted to read again!

2. Create a lead magnet

What is a lead magnet? It is simply a piece of information that a prospect will have to enter their email address (they then become a ‘lead’) to download it etc.

With lead magnets, you want to craft them in a way that it will give your new lead a result in advance… For example, a traffic cheat sheet that will give them a step by step guide on how to generate 50 leads per day etc.

Again I get asked by students all the time

“ But what if I don't have any results?, how can I create a lead magnet?”

It's not as hard as you think, for example traffic lead magnets work really good as everyone needs traffic and leads, so purchase a traffic product like the solo ad success formula and go out and implement what it teaches you, run a 1000 click solo ad and you will probably generate 500 leads in 72 hours, then craft your lead magnet about the process, and the results you got!

Go to a freelance website like and order some book cover artwork, an advertising banner for your blog, and you can probably get the same designer to put it all together in a pdf doc you can upload to your blog. 

Outsourcing is very cost effective these days on freelancing sites. Another website is

Click here for my Free List building secrets report lead magnet

3. Open a facebook fan page

Open a facebook fan page or business page and add all your business details, makes sure your artwork is congruent with your blog branding etc.

Whenever you create new content share it on your fan page. Blog posts, youtube video’s, Facebook lives etc.

Run a ‘likes’ campaign with a small daily budget targeting your niche.

When you upload a really good blog post, you can advertise to the likes of your page which then send them to your self-branded blog and this further bonds the relationship.

Click here to check out my fan page

4. Host Facebook Lives

This can be done on your personal page or your fan page, always give value in the videos, don't record fluff, fluff won't go far and will not help you gain trust with your followers. If anything it will do the opposite.

Get comfortable as soon as you can with video

I completely sucked at recording video's when I first started, but as you get more consistent with them, it becomes a lot easier and actually becomes fun to do! You want to give great value on video, I always touch on mindset, traffic, conversions, follow up and my story.

I completely sucked at recording video's when I first started, but as you get more consistent with them, it becomes a lot easier and actually becomes fun to do! You want to give great value on video, I always touch on mindset, traffic, conversions, follow up and my story.

Bonus tip = download your Facebook live video’s and upload them to a youtube channel for extra exposure!

Check out one of my latest Facebook live's right here

5. Consult funnel

A little more advanced but defiantly do-able once you start to get results!

A consult funnel basically is where you flag your audience and the action takers who want results in their business, you are marketing the consultation strategy call where you help them with their business to get results and offer them any solutions they might need also.

Explain that the more team members you help achieve results the better your business will be.

Again you can outsource the technical build-out of the consult funnel, but once you have it in place you want to send it out to your list every month with a link to apply and have a link to it in all emails sent out to your list under the PS line.

Click here to check out my consult funnel

Apply these 5 strategies to your business and be consistent, this will position you as the authority and the go-to person in the marketplace, attracting your ideal audience which will intern create more sales for your business i the future.

Just remember you will eventually be rewarded once you’re consistently sending out valuable and actionable content to the marketplace.

Be consistent and great things will happen!

Please comment, like and share if you get value from the blog post.

To Our Mutual Success

Dan Muscat






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