About Dan

Disclaimer: We don't believe in results without any kind of work, this is not "get rich quick", if you think that sales are going to appear magically in your business then this is NOT for you. We believe in hard work, and adding value to the marketplace with integrity and honesty.
Although the results and testimonials on this page are real world results, my results and my students results are not typical. I and my students have worked very hard to achieve the results in our business. Just like anything else in life your results will depend on the willingness of you to take action and have a positive business mindset. To see our full *disclaimers please click the links below in the footer on this page.

Dan has been exposed to traditional business since a young age, he worked in a family business for over twenty years, eventually taking over the traditional brick and mortar business, to find himself in massive debt, and no time freedom.

He craved a lifestyle business that could be run from his laptop, that he could take anywhere…

he ventured online and found the affiliate marketing business model and dove in head first, not knowing what to do, and having no clear action plan, no strategy, and no coaching, he soon became stuck, struggling, overwhelmed and a further $30,000 in debt trying to make his new online business work!

It was then he discovered his mentor which taught him a world class traffic strategy, and follow up processes needed to be successful in this industry, and within 30 days from that first strategy session he made his first $1408 online and began to scale to six figures very quickly!

These days he now hits the company’s leader boards consistently for leads and sales generated, built teams all over the world, conduct live trainings, offer personal one on one business coaching services to students all over the world, that are now experiencing scalable growth in their business’.

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