App Jobs Are A Stepping Stone To Something Bigger

App Jobs Are A Stepping Stone

There is a big shift happening right now if you haven't noticed a lot of people are working ‘App’ based jobs!

App based jobs are like Uber and Airbnb where you download an app, click apply and once your approved boom you're making money!

So personally I think this is a great move In the right direction to give people more control over their lives where they will be paid by their results, clocking on using the app, then clocking off and getting paid for that time.


However, it still is not freedom, working app jobs you still are trading time for money. I think it's a fantastic concept in our current society to open people's minds up to other ways to earn a living, this will hopefully be

a stepping stone to other businesses like affiliate marketing.

Coming from a traditional business background I was looking for a business model where I could leverage the internet so I could create time freedom and not be locked down in a traditional business.

It's when I found this industry by accident when my wife brought home a network marketing business, I then searched online how to generate leads, then one thing led to another,
and I found affiliate marketing where you can promote other peoples products and systems and get big 4 figure commissions!

That was the leverage I was looking for!

Before I knew it I was hooked and divulged myself in as much training as I could, got into the trenches and spent upward of 15K on every shiny object…

I then found my mentor and he taught me how to leverage proven ‘systems

It was love at first sight when I dissected this business model, but what was even more appealing was how anyone could promote affiliate systems, learn real marketing skill sets that will serve them!

In case you don’t know,

affiliate marketing is when you market/promote other people's products and receive a commission when the product sells.


The whole game plan is to invest in advertising and hopefully get a positive ROI (return on investment) and be in profit. This is complicated to do promoting a stand-alone product as you can't make anything past that first purchase.

This is why ‘Systems’ with a tiered product mix is vital! other known as ‘high ticket products’

These usually range from 1k – 25k and up, earning you big 500, 1k, 3k, 5k+ commissions on the backend.

This is where 80% of your profits will be, and how you liquidate your ad spend and scale very quickly.

You have to do your research on comp plans though, not all systems pay the same, yes you will find high ticket product mix but you also want to look for pass up commissions and second tier payouts like this system I promote…

Basically, this means:

“the more you help others succeed in their business, the more your business grows too”

Now don't get me wrong here, there is no easy street, easy money, get rich quick, get rid of that mentality because all you will one doing is spending money chasing that and not making it!

You need to work hard in this industry, maybe even harder than you have ever worked, especially if you are building your business part-time.


The reward is so sweet though for your hard work!

What I’m really excited about is affiliate marketing, in general, getting recognized as a big industry that it is, and an awesome chance for anyone to be an entrepreneur and

break out from the J.O.B and win back freedom!

SO to circle back to App based jobs, I think they are an awesome addition to society and hopefully this will give everyday people hope that there are better alternatives out there to make a living and provide for their families, and use them as a stepping stone to something larger like affiliate marketing to truly win back freedom In their lives!

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PPS. If you work an app based job, I'd like to hear about it, so either leave me a comment below or send me an email to 🙂

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