Are You Getting Scammed With Solo Ads?

Are You Getting Scammed With Solo Ads?



Hey Dan Muscat here, a solo ad is a newsletter with your ad copy and link sent out to a marketers hyper responsive list,

you then pay per click ( every time someone clicks your link in the newsletter ), the concept is you get to leverage other marketers targeted lists, make sales and build your list simultaneously to re-market.

You find Solo ad sellers or vendors in Facebook groups, and the issue is most rookie marketers purchase multiple solo ads without any research (which we will dive into in a moment),

or not having their funnel setup properly, they spend their advertising budget and end up getting poor results, no sales and in some cases not capturing the leads due to a technical issue with their funnel.

Just like any form of paid advertising like Facebook ads, for example, you can lose a lot of money very quickly if you don't know what your doing, actually it can put the average rookie marketer out of business very quickly.

Unfortunately, the ease of purchasing a solo ad is very tempting to a hungry newbie wanting results, and this is where most people go wrong, get poor results then label solo ad advertising as a scam, or ‘it doesn't work.'

Once I learned a few key steps in running profitable solo ads as shown in this course: The Solo Ad Success Formula

I ran my first solo ad and generated 48 leads to re-market to, soon after ran another test solo ad (which I will explain in a moment) and I made my very first sale online!

I remember that moment so vividly, the excitement I felt was tremendous! It just made this online business real! Someone saw my ad and decided to purchase the product I was marketing!

Before that first sale, I had spent over $15,000 on every shiny object, I wasted time and money trying to figure out the Facebook power editor, PPV, PPC, uploading countless youtube videos, posting on Instagram multiple times per day with no leads and no sales!

It was at that moment I had thankfully found the solo ad success formula and after I made that first sale I scaled my ad campaigns and soon after was generating a min of 100 leads per day,

daily affiliate sales in my business, and climbed up to 3rd position on the leader board for sales,


coached 100’s of students to get their first leads and sales online, and spoken onstage at live internet marketing events.

My results were all posable due to the fact I followed the training and took consistent action!

The advice I would give you is to take the following information seriously, and you too will get great results just like I did with solo ad marketing.

Most people do lose a ton of money on solo ads because they don't conduct these following three steps that I have explained here:

1. Research -The Vendor Selection Process

Join these solo ad Facebook groups where you will find vendors, take the time to study them, this is the process that I follow every time I’m researching a new solo ad vendor:

a. Check if they have a sales page with a picture or a video of the vendor, and it matches their Facebook profile picture, this will ensure they are a legit person.

b. Look for testimonials from people other than solo ad providers, and testimonials from people promoting similar products that you have, eg if you are in the bizzop or make money niche then look for similar systems like empower, mttb, mobe etc.

c. Look for results such as 35%- 45% opt-in rates, 1 or 2 sales per 200 clicks etc, if you see someone claiming 70% optin rate and ten sales from a 200 click solo ad it’s probably false, and stay clear from that vendor.

d. Connect with the seller on Facebook and ask if their list is an in-house list, if they are a broker (they purchase traffic from other sources and run your solo ad) you will not get consistent rests when you scale.

e. Ask if they have sent your offer to their list and when, if so wait for at least two weeks before running traffic with that vendor, the responsiveness will be greater as they are consistently building their list with fresh subscribers and you want new prospects that haven't seen your offer before.

d. Ask how long will it take to deliver your order, usually 24 -48 hours for 200-1000 clicks

e. Ask if they will send your email swipe copy (this is your ad copy, I will explain in more detail below) Congruency is essential, so your ad copy should be congruent with your capture page when they click through,

chances are if they send blind swipe (no copy) or their own copy, it won't be congruent with your capture page headline and conversions will suffer.

f. Ask if they can send a min of 80-% tier one traffic (the top English speaking countries, Aus, USA, CA, UK, NZ, these are the countries where you will get the most sales.

2. Email Swipe Copy

This Is the solo ad copy that gets sent to the vendor's list, think of it as your Facebook ad copy, you want it congruent with your offer, and capture page headline, so you will get the highest opt-ins and sales from your solo ad.

Here is the swipe copy formula that I follow:

i- Identify your target markets pain
ii- Make a bold promise
iii- Tie in the capture page headline as the hook
iv- Call to Action

Here is an example of a solo ad swipe and capture page in the make money online (mmo) niche, take note of the capture page headline as the hook:


3. Tracking

You need to track the following when running solo ads:

a. Number of unique clicks
This is the number of clicks you have ordered

b. Opt-in rate
This is the percentage of opt-ins you have received

c. Quality of Clicks
 This is where you track the percentage of tier one clicks

Tracking your solo ads are extremely simple when using a tracking tool I recommend called

You want to test solo ad vendors lists with 200 clicks, and this will give you a good indication if the traffic is good or not.

Avoid paying directly on the solo ad vendors sales page, instead pay via PayPal, that way if there is a vendor that is not doing the right thing by you, you can submit a complaint to PayPal and they will most likely give you a refund.

However, most solo ad vendors will want future business from you so it's in their best interest to keep you happy and work with you if for example you are not delivered the clicks you ordered, the contact them and they will send you the correct amount of clicks!

Good quality solo ad clicks usually cost between .40c – $1.00, I would not recommend cheaper as it’s probably crap traffic and you're wasting your time and money.

Never pay more than $1 per click, if the vendor is claiming its better traffic than it’s most likely they have spent more on their marketing!

Negotiate with the vendor. They will always give you a discount to get your business and for future purchases.

I ask for 20% off per click price, then if we negotiate a 10% discount than I am still winning. Frame the purchase as if you are going to buy more clicks in the future if you have a good run with a ‘tester’ ad.

If the 200 click tester solo ad goes well then you will send another tester ad with 300 clicks and so on till you scale to the larger packages.


When you test a vendors list with a 200 click solo ad, you are looking for an opt-in rate of at least 35% and 1 or more sales. When the second test solo ad with let's say 300 clicks, and keeping in mind they are sending you the same quality and using your email swipe copy,

then you should see a similar opt-in rate and at least 1 or more sales. If you continue to slowly scale with increments of 100 or 200 clicks and your results are consistent then you have found a winner.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do not follow these steps and blindly purchase solo ads, with no research, no email swipe copy, and no tracking, then wonder why they think they are getting scammed!

For a more in-depth training on solo ad marketing,
click here for a $7 trial of the solo ad success formula!

To your freedom,

Dan Muscat









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