Attending Live Events Is Key To Success

Attending Live Events Is Key To Success

Hey guys,

What a journey I have had since starting in this industry, lots of ups and downs, failures and successes!

See when I began as a lot of people do, I thought I knew it all, lets just work out how to drive a ton of traffic to an offer and sit back and wait for the moolah to roll in….

So after losing a ton of money and putting myself into $7508 debt, I woke up to reality and understood I needed to learn new skill sets and master them to make it in this industry.

Shortly after I spotted in a Facebook group, a post with a free mini training on solo ad marketing, I ended up reaching out to the guy that posted it, and he happened to launch a product called solo ad success formula, I purchased it, took action on that training and began to get scaleable results…

I then had traffic in the bag so to speak, building my list very quickly, making affiliate sales regularly , but my business just wasn't moving as quick as I wanted… I need more..

I reached out to Misha, the creator of the product I had purchased, saw he was a seven figure earner and hit him up for mentorship and private coaching, it wasn’t cheap, but I wasn't looking for cheap! I never looked at it like an expense, it was an investment into my business and self development!

What I learned in my first hour of private coaching with my mentor was mind blowing to say the least. It actually took me a few months to put into full action  what I learnt on that first initial session! One of the skill sets that really helped me get out of my comfort zone was how to properly host a sales webinar.

I'm a firm believer of getting outside your comfort zone,

Before I knew it, i was hitting the Super Affiliate Network's leader boards for leads and sales, generating min 100 leads per
day, and daily affiliate sales!

I then invested into a live mastermind mentorship program my mentor created and again invested in my business and myself, flew my whole family over to Maui Hawaii for a mini vacation to where the intimate mastermind would take place.

The mastermind consisted of 3 x 12 hour days of intense marketing training. After the first day I was so blown away with the content, I literally was implementing new strategies while in the class and getting results immediately!  

The Strategies I learnt over those days are still serving me everyday in my business! After those 3 intense training days in a class room workshop environment, I found out what marketing was really about. So much more complex but so simple at the same time, sometimes you need the expert to show you exactly why xyz works and don't mess with it, and why you should split test a capture page for a very basic example.

These are facets of an online business you will not get taught online, and why its a must to get to live events and masterminds if you are serious about your online business.

For me I felt like I was back at school but this was the most exciting school class I had ever attended! I was there because I chose to be, I was open to learn everything that was thrown at me! It was truely amazing. 

Another part of attending masterminds and live events which no body realises until they attend one is the relationships that are formed by being on the same room packed with entrepreneurs that have the same vision as you do!

Most of the time we are usually the odd one out in our day to day lives, friends and family not really understanding what line of business we are really in, and what you find pretty quickly when you attend live events is the similarities you have with the attendees!

You are no longer alone in cyber space trying to make it work, you now have new friends and team mates to mastermind with and help each other out!

Just by investing in my education and business, i have met life long friends, mentors and business partners that wouldn’t of been possible if I didn’t take action! 

Check out these video’s I recorded with some takeaways from the last mastermind I attended:

Maui Mastermind Takeaways Day 1

Maui Mastermind Takeaways Day 2

Maui Mastermind Takeaways Day 3

Don’t look at getting to live events and masterminds as an expense, it’s an investment into your education and business, and you will make some great life long connections that is priceless!

After the event you will be equipped with the tools you need to succeed in your online business, and have a newly found confidence and belief, a belief in yourself that you can do this, a belief in the company and the products that you promote, and you will be all charged and ready to take on the world!

To your success in 2017

Dan Muscat

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