Create A Following


Create A Following

Hey guys,

We all know to have a successful online business you need to master traffic generation… but once you master traffic and you have a consistent flow of leads flowing through your pipeline, where to next?

I’m sure you have heard the saying “the money is in the list” and yes your email list is your single most asset, however the fortune is in the follow up!

Follow up strategies such as email marketing, webinars, consults, blogging, all take part in the scaling process of your business.

However, it’s not all about just creating content and throwing it out there and hopefully someone will get it…

You don’t want to have a list of subscribers, you want to be creating a following, an audience of people that know, like and begin to trust you.

So how do you do that? And how do you do that if you have just begun this marketing journey, and you have no social proof, no results, and no experience?

Well it’s obvious… you know all the answers and you don’t know it…

And giving credit where credit is due I learnt this from my mentor, who learnt it from Russell Brunson… The Attractive Character.

The attractive character is the deeper you. Not the outside, but what makes you tick on the inside…

There are three components that make up your attractive character:

i. Elements

ii. Identity

iii. Storylines


The elements that make up the attractive character are:

  1. Your backstory – You must have a backstory, we all have one, why are you here? Where did you come from to get to running your online biz? Are you in debt over your eyeballs and you want to be free? You need a backstory so your audience can relate to you, they are where you have been, you have felt what they are feeling and so on.
  2. Parables – Small stories that makes a point, stories and events that happen in your life that you can use in your content that will resonate with your audience that they will remember.
  3. Character flaws – Opening up with your audience about your flaws, again this will make you more real, and show your following that you are just like them! A normal person who has character flaws! You will be authentic and not trying to wear someone else’s hat.
  4. Polarity – This is when you draw a line in the sand and let your audience know what you stand for and stand against, the people on your list that resonate with what you stand for will be drawn to you, and the others that don’t will be repelled.


You must choose an identity of your attractive character; these are one of four:

The leader – This is the person that wants to lead their audience from one place to another. They have been in their position and want to keep them from the pain they went through as much as they can be letting them know all the pitfalls and road blocks they dealt with, and leading them to the path of success. This is a very comfortable identity for most.

The Adventurer – This is the person who likes to go out there and make it happen, not knowing the answers but getting out there and working it out and bring back the information and results for the audience to consume.

The reporter – This person goes out and interviews big names in the industry or in their company and gets looked as a celebrity by being associated with successful people, simultaneously learning from these interviews and finding the answers to share with their audience

The reluctant hero – This is the person who does not like the spot light, but must eventually surface to reveal the goods to the audience. They are usually very shy but they know they hold the secrets to success and must eventually come to the party.


Crafting story based content further bonds the relationship with your audience, and top producing marketers all use strategic story lines in their emails and content for a purpose.

  1. These can be polarizing stories using ‘us vs them’, for e.g. you vs the big-time guru’s
  2. secret telling story line – you want to share a secret with them to get them to take action
  3. Testimonials – Students you have helped to give you testimonials, and if you don’t have that use 3rd party testimonials from people that have results with the product or service you are promoting
  4. Discovery – You share an awesome result you have received with the product, service or webinar you are promoting.

I recommend you spending a week to write all this down, and really dig deep into all the facets of your attractive character, and use it in all your marketing emails, blogs, Facebook lives, YouTube video’s, webinars and any other platform you deliver content to.

You will begin to see an email list transform slowly into a following of raving fans that will start to engage with your content and purchase your products and services.

To your success

Dan Muscat

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  • Melissa Collins

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    Thanks, I appreciate the advise!!

    • Dan Muscat

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      Thank you for your comment Melissa! Glad you’re receiving value 🙂

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