Distraction Is The Enemy

Distraction Is The Enemy

Hey guys!

Trying to focus on one thing in our digital age is becoming near impossible for the week minded…

What I find with a great portion of our marketplace, and especially newbie entrepreneurs who get started promoting affiliate systems, they do little training, barely scratch the surface, they might even run some paid traffic to an offer… meanwhile get totally distracted by the new shiny object that has popped up in their news feed, or inbox and jump ship hoping for a better result than the last, and this company will guide them to the promised land of the Internet!

What they should be focussing on is ONE thing! One company, one traffic strategy, one course etc

97% of people fail i our industry because they don't stick around long enough!

If you get distracted and overwhelmed and struggle to focus in your business then here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Focus on one offer to promote, once you are in profit with that offer then you can add additional offers.
  2. Get a coach to keep you on track and out of overwhelm, this could be a group coaching environment and/or a one on one coach
  3. Get an accountability partner that is also promoting the same product or system that is on the same level as you, this will keep you motivated, help you push your limits, and get results faster!
  4. Attend all the live events your company holds! Facebook lives, live training calls, webinars, live corporate events, masterminds etc. Statistics shows affiliates that attend live events succeed and breakthrough in their business to great heights!
  5. Close off all browser windows except for the one your working on, sign-out of all social media platforms! Get focused!

Check out this Facebook live I recorded for you o this topic:

To your success

Dan Muscat

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