Do Solo Ads Work?

Do Solo Ads Work?

Traffic is an absolute necessity for any business, without it you don't have a business. However having the right traffic in front of a matching offer is equally a necessity…

Having a message to market match is where a lot of inexperienced marketers go wrong and find their adverting budgets dry up like a drought just occurred!

It’s kind of like trying to sell the finest steak to a hungry vegetarian… It’s nothing to happen!

This brings me to Solo Ad marketing

A solo ad is an email style add using four key components

1. Target markets Pain
2. Bold Promise
3. Hook
4. Call to action.

This is then sent out to a marketers list that is identical to your target market, 100% enabling you to have a message to market match!

The prospect will then click your link and see your capture page offering a lead magnet in exchange for their email address, then if you have your funnel set up correctly they will land on your bridge page, this brands you and places you before the offer which will help with your email marketing strategy when they are added to your list, then they will see your offer.

What I love about solo ads is 

“your meeting your prospects where they are… in their inbox!”

Unfortunately, a lot of marketers that don't know how to research solo ad vendors get burnt, and have poor opt-in rates, no sales and worse still didn't have a solid front end funnel setup correctly, so did not build their list!

And 99% of the time that is the case and they give solo ads a bad name and say they don't work!

There are solo ad vendors that cater for a lot of niches, but they really work well for the opportunity marketplace, other know as MMO – make money online.

You want to spend some time researching vendors, time spent here will serve you well.

Look out for the following when researching a solo ad vendor:

1. Does he/her have a sales page

2. Does his/her sales page have a photo or video of them and does it match their Facebook profile

3. Look for customer testimonials on the sales page, not other solo ad providers

4. Make sure testimonials have realistic results for eg 35%-50% opt-in rates, and a few sales (if you see 70% + opt-in rates and 20 sales, run to the hills)

Once you have found a suitable vendor, connect and send them a private message via Facebook and strike up a conversation, you want to build a relationship with vendors as they will be more like business partners when you scale in the future.

Ask them during the conversation the following questions:

1. Is the list your in-house list or are you a broker? (you want an in-house list, your results will be more consistent when you re-purchase.)

2. Can you deliver a min of 80% T1 traffic (Tier 1 traffic is from the 6 English speaking countries as they are more than likely to purchase)

3. How much do you charge per click (never purchase from the sales page, negotiate the price then use PayPal so you are covered)

4. How long will it take to deliver 200 clicks? (you want a delivery time no longer than 72 hours, test with 200 clicks and frame the purchase like you are going to come back and scale if you get great results, this will ensure the vendor will want to impress you)

Another big problem people have with solo ads is spending more than they make! The problem here is the offers sales funnel is not deep enough!

For example, you need to promote an offer that ascends a customer up the value ladder and you need to be positioned in that company at the highest level to earn.

Real Life Case Study Example:

I ran a solo 1000 click solo ad with a trusted vendor which cost me $400

I received 10 front end sales = $300 (This does not include any additional sales from my follow-up campaigns)

One of those customers, let's call him Doug Purchased the $37 front end offer,

then the one time offer upsell sequence kicked in and he then purchased two more products

bringing the total sales to $414.

This means I was in profit by $14 and I had 10 new customers going through the companies deep funnel on the backend, and I acquired 491 new leads on my list!

Then Doug purchased a high ticket offer resulting in a $1000 commission, then literally a few days later saw the value of a top end mentorship program and purchased that resulting in a $3000 commission which brought the total sales for that solo ad run to $4414!

Being positioned at the highest level is absolutely paramount, as 80% of your profits will come from high ticket purchases.

“Solo ads absolutely DO work”

you just need to use them correctly, do your research and have the right offer to promote, and make sure you have a solid follow up process in place to get maximum return on investment.

To your successful Biz!

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Dan Muscat

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