Email Marketing Is King

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Dan Muscat here, and in todays post I want to talk about email marketing, and the exact strategy I apply to my business, why I do, and the results of my actions.

Firstly, to address the elephant in the room, email marketing is king! Although video marketing is very popular, and most recent facebook live video marketing also, and dont get me wrong I love using video in my marketing, however email marketing is still in my books, king.

dreamstime_xs_9986213When I began taking action and honing this skill, I was taught by my mentor/coach to apply the ‘talk back radio’ style strategy. This entails emailing twice a day, the morning email with content rich emails, for example value based content, bog posts, rapport building content (think of it like the show/entertainment). Then the second email sent out in the PM is a short punchy/ click driven email, with an obvious call to action (think of it as the commercial or the Ad).

After a month or so of driving traffic, bringing new leads onto my list daily, I started to make sales by sending an email out! There’s no greater feeling when you have been grinding it out marketing online, then receiving a sale notification and you tracking it back to an email you sent out! And once you have this strategy down, your ROI (Return on investment) will love you for it.

When I actually teach this to students the first reaction other than “You mean I have to email twice a day!” I always react with “well you don’t ‘have’ to do anything! “if you want to have a thriving business and start making sales with email marketing then you better listen up ;)” The main concern everyone has when they first get exposed to this method, and especially with marketers with a list already, the think they will burn their list out! But the fact of the matter is, if your driving traffic on a daily basis, which will be bringing new leads onto your list and into your world every day, then the unsubscribes are actually doing you a favour!

I know your asking yourself…. Did he just say that? But yes, it is true, list cleaning is one of the things that is so important for your list growth and responsiveness. You hear a lot of talk around about open rates and click through rates, the fact of the matter is, if those leads are not opening your emails then you don’t need them bogging your email program down! Not only will you start to have deliverability problems but you will also be paying to have dead leads on your list too!

Now list cleaning, deleting or segmenting your list is equally as important as lead generation, period. There are a few ways to do this, and although a few of you will find this hard to digest this is exactly what I do.

Every 30 days I filter out and segment my main list and remove all subscribers that have not opened an email in 30 days! And then you guessed it… d e l e t e! Again I teach this to all my students, some take the advice, some don’t. Those that do are building a much more responsive email list that is way more engaging with their content and are the subscribers that are loving what the have to offer them. And this will result in more sales and team members added to there business’s!

dreamstime_xs_1479148What holds a lot of newbie marketers back is creativity and consistency with emailing their list regularly. I always get asked:  How do I write fresh content every single day? .. Personally I write my emails  like I am talking to a mate sitting enjoying a beverage. I do leave the swearing out though…well most of the time ha ha. .. You have to get deep into your attractive character and use your why, your beliefs, what you stand for and against, let people into your world, get them to know who you are and why you do what you do! And never be afraid to ask for the sale!

So to revise, email marketing is as strong as ever, use this Talk Radio strategy I just explained it will serve you well, it continues to serve my mentor, my students and myself!  Keep your email list squeaky clean, write great content that your list can apply in their businesses, ask for the sale, and your business will grow!

To your freedom

Dan Muscat

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