Focus On Conversions For Higher Returns

Focus On Conversions For Higher Returns!

Hey guys Dan Muscat here,

I’ve been coaching a particular team member over the last few weeks, real action taker, and he went through this 21 module Bootcamp with pure marketing GOLD all the way through.

The internet marketing Bootcamp teaches a complete newbie actionable skill sets needed to turn your laptop into a cash machine…

By no stretch of the imagination is it a get rich quick! This practically free online marketing Bootcamp teaches real skill sets that will serve you as a marketer for years to come…

So he was focusing on driving traffic to the offer, and getting annoyed and discouraged when he wasn't getting any sales on the front end … He ran paid traffic (solo ads) and wasn't seeing any sales, now a lot of people get burnt with solo ads, however as I teach my students and team members, and the Bootcamp teaches it all comes down to research and testing…

There are no guarantees with paid ads, period.

Now while he was ‘losing money’ with his ad spend, he has been building a tidy email list of fresh subscribers and not focusing on his follow up…

it doesn't matter if you are an affiliate promoting other people's products, or systems, you are building your email list, your most valuable asset!

You need to follow up with your list to create a responsive group of followers that know like and trust you.

Most people need to be exposed to an offer 7-10 times

before they make a buying decision, so follow-up is absolutely critical if you want to grow and scale your business.

Now although my student was sending out live broadcast emails often, there are other strategies that need to be dialed in, which all exit to the ‘follow up’ or conversion mechanism of your business.

If you are in the same boat as my member is right now, spending more than your making, relying on sales from traffic campaigns, then this is where you want to be spending 90% of your time In your business,

Shift your focus from spending most of your valuable time on traffic to focusing and

spending most of your time on your conversion mechanism:

  1. Set up a Russell Brunson style ‘Soap Opera’ indoctrination series of emails, this is when a subscriber first opts into your list, and you would tell your story, further bonds the relationship with your new subscriber, and sends them back to the offer that you are promoting when they opted in. Remember only 3% of cold traffic will ever purchase on the first exposure of your offer, statistics show that an individual needs 7-10 exposures before they make a buying decision.
  2. Set up an Authority Blog website, self-branded and post actionable, valuable content 2-3 times per week with multiple calls to action, sending your email list to your new blog posts which will further build the relationship, build your authority in the marketplace, and they will be viewing you as the go-to person!
  3. Create offers and send them out to your email list as flash sales, also don't be shy to produce premium offers at a higher price point, you can present premium offers via a webinar. Offer creation is a valuable skill set that you want to learn asap! The easiest way to create an offer is to fill the value gap of a product or system that you promote. See what it doesn't offer, work out what your target market want, and present it to them!
  4. Host sales webinars! The fastest way you can build authority and trust in the marketplace is to host weekly webinars. It's an intimate setting where you can talk directly with people on your webinar, answer their questions etc, which will further build trust, rapport and authority.
  5. Phone follow up – Yes the phone! Most people are too afraid to do this step! Call existing customers up and build the relationship, people will purchase more products that you recommend when there is a relationship built.
  6. Team Calls – f they are part of your team in a system that you earn residual income when they make sales, then it's in your best interest to train them, host training calls, run sales competitions, give incentives… the more you help them to produce the better your business will grow.
  7. Send out a Consult Funnel to your list in daily emails in a subtle ps line, and also at the beginning of every month. Spend time calling your applicant up for the free strategy session and give them what they need, this will grow your business by helping them and further build your authority in the marketplace.

The fact of the matter is…

97% of the people in the opportunity marketplace are lazy!

and don't want to put in the work to get results.

Unfortunately, most want a push button solution which does exist to a certain extent, but what you want to realize as soon as you can, if you are promoting someone else product or system, you want to position the offer in different ways to create more revenue.

If you are just using the same landing pages etc as the other 10,000 other affiliates then you won't create the freedom lifestyle you are looking for!

Shift your focus from traffic to conversions,

and building trust and rapport with your list, and it’s not a matter of “If you will break through” but “When!”

Once you have a buyer, you have a buyer, you have a buyer! Dan Kennedy

To your thriving online biz

Dan Muscat

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