Focus On Conversions



Focus On Conversions

Hey guys hope you are doing well!

As an online marketer, or let’s say as a newbie marketer starting out, the one thing that is taught over and over again by these big time guru’s is to get good at driving traffic to your offer…

And yes that’s well and true to the fact you need traffic and leads or else you don’t have a business, however conversions are where you want to spend most of your time.

Most of these gurus don’t tell you that mainly because they want to you to get into overwhelm so you purchase more products to fix the problem right!  Get it….

And don’t worry it took me about 12m months to work this out and $7508 later….

If you want to build a real business online, for longevity, then you have to start think about laying down the proper foundations of your business.

You need to have your marketing ecosystem built out with multiple conversion points in place to be truly successful in this arena.

Your marketing eco-system should include the following elements:

  1. Capture page – This is where your prospects enter your world/list
  2. Email marketing strategy – I recommend talk radio, AM PM live broadcasting daily emails – see this post
  3. Authority blog website – This is a personally branded ‘you Inc.’ style website to send your leads to further build the relationship, make sales, and include a consult funnel so your leads can book personal time in with you.
  4. Social Media channels: Facebook fan page, YouTube channel, twitter, linkin etc.
  5. Live webinars

It does take time to set all that up, however the good news is you can out source some of it on freelance websites like, and to free up your time so you can focus on crafting and sending emails, skype calls, webinars etc.

Now think of if you just met me, and I asked you to marry me….. hahaha I hope you will say no, why? because we haven’t built a relationship yet… And the same applies to your cold leads in your business, you need to build rapport and trust with them.

Amongst your marketing ecosystem you will have multiple conversion points to drive sales, examples of these are:

  1. Links in your daily emails sending your leads back to your offers sales page presentation, aka sales video
  2. Banners and CTA’s (call to actions) on your authority website
  3. Consult funnel on your authority website to flag real action takers to book in personal time with you for a live skype call
  4. Hosting Webinars

Those are the areas I your business you want to spend most of your time on. And usually most people just focus on traffic traffic traffic! Not the conversions mechanism.

Once you are in a routine and are executing all of those conversion points you will eventually breakthrough the barriers, and if you have the right business model in place with an ascension style sales funnel with high ticket offers, you will finally be in profit mode, and you will be able to scale your business very quickly.

To your freedom,

Dan Muscat









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