How I Made 4k In A Day On Complete Auto-Pilot

How I Made 4k In A Day On Complete Auto-Pilot

It sounds cliche but when you have a few certain things in place in your online business, you too could be making these results!

It's not uncommon for me to wake up in the morning and check my partners back office to see how my auto-mated online business did last night to find a bunch of sales ranging from $1-$500 and  a few high ticket commissions like last night for example totalling $4000!

I’m going to break down exactly how I achieved this result in my business, and explain how they all work in unison!

I like to break it down into 4 pillars that are all 100% necessary if you want to create freedom and have a true lifestyle online business that will reward you time and time again!

Pillar Number One:

Your Offer

If you are not an experienced marketer, you will want to licence and promote a high ticket affiliate system.

Think of it as a “franchise business model” where you can tap into a proven ‘done for you’ business  model

These systems come complete with multiple offers, capture pages and websites, phone sales team that work on your behalf 24/7, a coaching team that connect with all your customers, in some cases also include an in-house traffic coop that will run your traffic campaigns for you.

You have to make sure the system you promote has an ascension style sales funnel in place with multiple levels of up-sells and high ticket offers ranging from $1 to $397 on the front end, way up to $2000 – $10000 plus on the back end . This is critical for your business, 80% of your profits will be generated from high ticket sales.

Just remember you don't sell those up-sells, your job is to drive traffic to the front end, we will get to that below.

Pillar Number Two:


Once you have your offer in place, you need to be positioned at the highest level to earn the highest commissions possible.

Don’t be in the mindset of “I will work my way up to it” you want to see it as an investment that will pay you back in returns over and over again!

The last thing you want is for one or more (and I see this happening all the time) of your customers to get started and purchase everything there is to offer you missing out on 90% of that because you are not positioned to earn high ticket commissions.

If resources are limited then get creative on how to fund your new business. Ask any successful entreprenuers how they funded their first business! I have sold anything from a les Paul guitar to a car to fund business’s in the past when resources where limited.

Why did I do that? Because I was hungry to change my situation from being stuck in a traditional business that owned me. I saw the vision of leveraging online systems and the new age of business.

Pillar Number Three:


Once you have your offer and positing in place you need eye-balls on your offer, and the way we do that is to drive hoards of traffic to a landing page called a capture page, which simply put will capture the email address of your prospect and turn them into a ‘lead’ on your list, then they will be re-directed to the systems video sales letter/sales page where they can purchase and sign up to your offer.

The way I generate min of 100 leads per day and generate happy paying customers daily is by solo ads

A solo ad is an email ad sent out with your offer to a solo ad vendors email list, this is why I love solo ads:

  1. You don't need a list to begin with as you leverage other marketers lists
  2. Solo ads are super targeted at any MMO (make money online/ bizzop) offers
  3. You can drive hoards of traffic at any given time fro a push of a button!
  4. You build your email list (your single most valuable asset) very quickly using solo ads
  5. It’s set and forget which free’s up time to spend on other facets of your business

Click here for the solo ad success formula

Pillar Number Four:

Follow Up

Have you heard of the saying by savvy marketers “the money is in the list” ?

Well thats true however

“The Fortune Is In The Follow Up!”

3% of people will purchase from the front end then with a certain few follow up procedures in place you will make more sales and have a much great return on investment for your traffic campaigns!

Here are the main follow up strategies that I implement in my business:

  1. Talk radio Email marketing
  2. Uploading blog content like this one
  3. Upload you tube video’s
  4. Facebook Live video’s
  5. Hosting webinars
  6. consult funnel

To begin with I would focus on one strategy, Talk radio email marketing. It is tested and proven to work and it consists of sending out 2 emails per day, value and story based email in the AM, and short punchy advertisement style email with 2-4 links in the PM.

The idea is to send back the leads who have seen your offer when opting in, back to the see you offer again. Usually its about 7 times for a lead to make a buying decision .

If you implement everything I have laid out in this blog post you will create a very lucrative online business, and further to that create a freedom lifestyle you deserve!

To your success

Dan Muscat

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