How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website in 2017

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website in 2017


Are you wondering how you can start making money as an affiliate marketer online without having a website? 

The easiest way to start making money online as an affiliate marketer without having to worry about having a website is to promote affiliate marketing systems.

Now what's really cool is they actually have done all of the heavy-lifting for you, all you really have to do is to learn traffic generation in the beginning to start marketing those systems, to start generating leads and sales. Online marketing systems provide you with all the websites you need including, capture pages, sales pages and a blog.

You don't have to worry about paying a designer online thousands to get a website up and ready, and really that's what the beauty of affiliate marketing systems are! And that’s why systems are a true ‘business in a box’ style of business!

Another great advantage of an affiliate system is they personally train your customers with one on one coaching! (disclaimer: not all systems have this feature so do your research) and not only do they offer personal coaching but also a 24 hour phone sales team that close your customers for you into products and services they require!

That's when you start earning ‘auto-pilot commissions on those sales! You drove traffic to the system's website, and then that website converted your lead into a customer, and whatever that customer purchases, you get a commissions on those sales!

That's exactly how you can start making money online with affiliate marketing, without having to worry about having a website, without having to build a website, and without having to pay someone thousands of dollars for a nice-looking website, and e-mail marketing, and etc. You don't have to worry about all of those skills or technology, that's the beauty of promoting an affiliate marketing system!

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