How To Make Money Online A Beginner’s Guide Video 2 of 3

How To Make Money Online A Beginner's Guide Video 2 of 3


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In this post, I'm going to walk you through exactly what to look for when it comes to a high ticket offer, what elements to be looking for and exactly how to choose the right high ticket offer for you.

If you want to make money online, and you want to build a business for long-term, just don't quit, be consistent, and great things will happen. It's as simple as that, just don't be freaking lazy.

What to look for when selecting a high ticket offer to promote

The offer must be of high value, and you must believe in it

When you're looking for offers online, there's tonnes of noise out there, sift through them you might have to join a few and just check them out. And just make sure that it's a quality product, and it serves the marketplace, it gives value, and you believe in it.

You'll know, if you'll feel like something's not right, then it's not the right product for you. It's not the right system or affiliate offer for you.

The product must appeal to a hungry crowd

I'm in the make money online niche, and the make money online niche is a massive crowd of people online looking to get rich quick. But seriously, it does make up a lot of that, but, this is not get rich quick, and listen, it does require work, it's a massive crowd, so it's a really good niche to be in.

Now another example of another niche may be the weight loss niche. So that is a huge crowd, looking for weight loss products and services and all that good stuff. So that's another niche that has a massive hungry crowd. That came out wrong…

Number three must have a high level of competition!

It probably crossed your mind that you're trying to look for something that nobody else has seen, and you're going to have that magic product that everybody's going to want because they've never seen it, and you're going to become a millionaire, right? Is that what you thought before? Listen, it's not going to happen like that!

You need craploads of competition, loads… You need lots of it, so make sure you're selecting a product that other people are promoting, and they're getting awesome results with it too.

That's what you want to be looking for, because, if that's the case, then that product converts, and it's a really good system or product, basically if you've got lots of people are having success with that product, then there's tonnes of competition, there's plenty of affiliates promoting it, then it's an awesome product and there's plenty to go around.

Last but not least, the high ticket offer must have an ascension style sales funnel. Now I'm going to break this down, exactly what that means in a second. But make sure it has an ascension style sales funnel.

Now let's wind back when I was talking about the other affiliate marketing business model, which is traditional affiliate marketing when you select the product and someone purchases that product and you get that one commission…

That's traditional affiliate marketing. They don't have an ascension style sales funnel. If they do, they're not showing it to you, because you're creating the product and then they're monetizing that customer that you created, and they're selling them more products down the road. So they might have an ascension style sales funnel, you just don't see it because you just don't with that sort of affiliate marketing because you don't have access to the backend of that funnel.

So with high ticket affiliate marketing, you want to make sure it has an ascension style sales funnel.

At the top here we've got traffic. This is when you're driving your website visitors to the offer, and they're opting in. To a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is the beginning of the sales funnel. A lead magnet is when you give away something of value for free in exchange for your prospects or website visitor email address. So you could give away a video training this video series, it could be a traffic cheat sheet, It could be something that's going to give a result, something that's going to give them information that they're looking for, that's why they're searching around.

Once they've opted in, next in the sales funnel is what's called a trip wire. Now the whole idea about a trip wire is to trip them, to get them to purchase, to get their credit card out, and to purchase a low end product, which is a dollar or seven dollar trial, between a dollar and a seven dollar product.
The whole idea about it, you're probably thinking, how in the hell am I going to make money with a dollar? But the whole idea is that you're creating a customer. So it's not to make money on the customer right then, you're just creating the customer.

So once you've got a customer, that's absolute gold. So once that customer has purchased their dollar or seven dollar product, they're entered into the system, or into the affiliate offer that you are promoting, they get offered what's called a core product.

So what a core product is, basically more training, more products that they can use, that they need, and the whole idea about a core product is to liquidate your ad spend.

That's when you start making money back from that customer, with the paid advertising, as I said, in the earlier videos that we're talking about. Paid advertising is the way to go. So this is how you make your money back with paid advertising, is with your core product.
So usually it's between $200 and $2,000 plus, for the core product. And sometimes when it comes to this part of the equation, you're actually in profit by that stage.

Once they've purchased the core product, they then get offered what's called a profit maximizer.

So this is where the high ticket affiliate marketing term comes into play. This is when they license the system, or they purchase a high-end coaching mastermind for example.

Profit maximizers usually range between $2,000 to $5,000, $20,000 plus, depending on what the offer is.

Now, once you start making profit maximizer sales, that's when you start getting $1,000 commissions, $5,000 commission, and all that good stuff. Literally on auto-pilot. Some companies have a phone sales team who are calling up your customers, building relationships with them. If you've got the right system in place, and they're really closing the sales for you, you don't have to do that yourself. You don't have to sell any of these products as long as this ascension style sales funnel is in place, and they've got a solid sales process on the back end in place.

So that's how an ascension style sales funnel works . So make sure, when you are going out there and researching they have a phone sales team in place as well.

In the next post, three of this three-part series, we're going to dive into how to drive hordes of traffic and how to build your email list to make sales with your new offer!

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