How To Select A Profitable Offer

How To Select A Profitable Offer

Most newbie entrepreneurs begin marketing affiliate products online hoping they are going to reach the promise land of abundance … The truth of the matter is thats not going to happen selling products to get one off commissions for…

Let me explain…

Lets say you are promoting a product someone has created and it’s priced at $100, and you receive 50% commissions every time you sell one. So you invest $100 in paid advertising to drive traffic to that offer and you sell one… You are still in the red by $50…

Now let’s use another scenario, let’s say you are promoting a licensed system (and I will get into detail about this below) and you invest $100 into paid advertising, you make 3 front end trial sales @ $7 each, which equals $21..

You have made a win here as you have created 3 new customers for your business, those customers then ascend through your sales funnel and one of them purchase an additional product your franchise business sold them for $397.

This immediately liquidates your ad spend and puts you into profit by $318! Keep in mind you still have two other customers who if they stick around will be ascending also or paying their monthly fees which you earn 70% commissions on.

If your customer goes on to licence the system and purchases the rights for $2497 then you receive a whopping $1000 commission! Bringing your total profit to $1318 just from one customer! 

There are 4 Core Components of a solid profitable offer

1. The offers main product must be of the highest level of value and you must believe in it

If the product its self adds no value to the market place your refunds and charge backs will be high and you will make no money. Also you need to believe in the product to be able to promote it with all you have, it still amazes me that people promote products thatchy don't believe in and have not even used the product themselves. very important for you to believe in it.

2. Must appeal to a large hungry Target Market

Example  a)  The MMO (make money online) niche most people are desperate to make money. They are very passionate and will purchase any make money online products.

Example b) The weight loss niche – they want to lose weight and will purchase products to help them

3. High level of Competition

Make sure the offer you are researching has high level of competition, this will tell you that it must convert well and thats why a lot of people are promoting it! Most people are looking for the ground floor opportunity, if you do this you will be the “testers” for the new product and your wasting your time and money.  You are much better off to promote a product that has intense competition as it has been tested and proven to convert, and it is optimised to perform.

4. Must Have An Ascension Style Sales Funnel

To be profitable with paid advertising, the offer you select must ascend a customer through a series of one time offers and up-sells, this is called an ascension style sales funnel with ascending monetary value.

This is how an ascension style sales funnel works:

You drive traffic to a capture page offering a free giveaway (lead magnet) to attain a lead, they then see the free sales presentation and get offered a trip wire usually priced from $1 – $10, the job of a trip wire is to attain a customer.

Next they are offered a core product priced between $200 – $2000, the job of this component of the sales funnel is to self – liquidate what you have paid on adversting (self liquidating offer – SLO ), and to be in profit.

The customer ascends through the funnel and is offered a Profit Maximizer, high ticket offer usually priced between $2000 – $10,000 +.

As Dan Kennedy said “once you have a customer, you have a customer, and a customer, and a customer”

It is a must for the offer you select to have Profit Maximizers as part of the acsension sales funnel, most of your income will come from profit maximisers (this is where most of your profits are)

While you don't have your own offer created, the fastest way to build online income is to tap into a “franchise” or “licensee Model” offer.

The benefits of tapping into a licensed system are:

  • Tested and proven done for you sales funnels
  • Email follow up
  • Phone sales team
  • Product creation
  • Done for you traffic
  • One on one coaching
  • Second Tier Pay outs

Typically you will have to give away 20-25% of your backend profits to the system creator, but it is a small price to pay for all the done – for – you products and systems that they provide.

Keep away from ground floor opportunities, you will be the beta testers for that new offer and simply put, you will most probably waste a lot of money on paid advertising, see little to no sales and you will be testing the new offer with your money.

On the flip side, if you promote an offer that has been in business for a while and has a lot of affiliates making sales daily, lots of competition, this is a true indication that the offer is tested and proven to convert.


To success, yours and mine

Dan Muscat

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