I Spilt The Beans… My Story

I Spilt The Beans… My Story

Hey guys,

My sons and I watched the amazing kids movie ‘UP’, if you have kids chances are you have seen it, if not I recommend watching it! It might teach you a thing or two!

The beginning of the movie is awesome and sad at the same time, these two young kids meet each other and end of growing up together and eventually getting married, they lived a long happy life together in the same house and their dream was to travel to paradise falls…

They kept saving their money in a jar, and they had to keep spending their savings on life incidents … sound familiar?

So eventually they grow old, sadly the lady passes away with old age and never got to pressure her dream to travel to paradise falls! So sad but so relevant to all of us!

We are all in charge of our lives, we make the decisions to work all our lives in jobs and business that own us! trading time for money and not enjoying a better way!

It was never about money for me, it was always about the benefit money can provide in the form of having a freedom business that can be run 24 hours a day from a laptop with an internet connection.

My video today was inspired from watching that movie with my kids, and I need to spill the beans on my story and where I came from till now..,.

I wasn't always on the leader boards and generating six figures online, coaching and teaching hundreds of students all over the globe…

I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning!  Actually even worse than that I was spending everything I had and not making a dime online!

Check out my story in this video, I spill the beans about it all and if you resonate and got value, please like comment and share this post!

Click play on the video below to watch:


I hope this video and my story inspires you to take action and work hard to get to your paradise falls one day!

To your freedom!

Dan Muscat




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  • Awesome blog post and video Dan! Youre coaching and success are inspiring 🙂

    • Dan Muscat

      Reply Reply

      Thank you Stacey your very kind! Glad you got value 🙂

  • Great share of your story Dan 🙂 So takeaway – follow the system :)

    • Dan Muscat

      Reply Reply

      Thank you for your comment Diane, and yes follow a proven system 🙂

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