Instagram Marketing – How To Get A MASSIVE Amount Of Leads And Sales From Instagram

Instagram Marketing – How To Get A MASSIVE Amount Of Leads And Sales From Instagram

Hey. Dan Muscat here, and welcome to this training called “The Three Step Formula to Generating Daily Free Leads on Instagram.” I've broken this training video down into three simple steps that you can go out and implement immediately. So then, you can start generating free leads and make sales on Instagram.

Step One: Instagram bio ‘call to action'.

Update your Instagram bio with a free giveaway, a lead magnet.

The point of a lead magnet is to give your prospect something of value that they can get results in advance with in exchange for their email address.

– A free video training
– A free traffic cheat sheet
– A free report

Now, in this instance, I'm actually using one of my opportunities free video giveaways, and I've simply titled it “Free Video Reveals the Simple Four-Step Formula that Helps Me Generate $2,153.76 Per Week on Complete Autopilot.”
That's my result that I achieve with that particular training. I have not made this up, so make sure if you're using numbers and figures that they're absolutely true!

Then add a link to the free video under your bio. What happens is they click that link, and they land on a capture page or a landing page, enter their email address, and opt in.
They will receive the free video, which is the free giveaway, and then I have generated the lead, so it's vitally important that you do send them to a capture page.

You have to make sure you're building your list in everything that you do as a marketer…

I see a lot of people making this mistake on Instagram, and they're sending their prospect to a sales page, or a company's coorporate website, and they're not generating the lead, and they're missing out on that opportunity to re-market to those email subscribers, and build a relationship.

Now, touching on capture pages just for a little moment here, this is what's called a “micro-commitment capture page.” Now, what that means is that they have to make a micro-commitment to click this button. Once they click the button, they will then opt in with their email address, and then get instant access to the lead magnet via email or redirect. (the mirco commitment or two step capture page convert the best with cold traffic)

You don't want to add other fields like a name or a phone number and things like this because your opt-in rate is going to drop considerably. If you just ask for an email address at this stage, and then later on, you can get your email subscribers. You can actually generate more information from them when you generate other offers and you send them out to your list, and then you can get a phone number or a first name, et cetera, and then put them on a separate list and so forth. Always just ask for an email address, and use this two-step capture page setup. It will work the best, and you will get the most opt-ins.

Now, you can use capture page building software like ClickFunnels. This one was created in ClickFunnels, and there's plenty of templates that you can use, and you can just swap out the copy and so forth. Now, another thing I want to touch on really quickly before we go into step two is to make sure that your Instagram copy is congruent with your capture page copy as well.

Let's just go back to my Instagram. As you can see here, I've said, “Free video reveals a simple four-step formula that helps me generate $2,153.76 per week on complete autopilot.” Okay? Then, when you go over to my capture page, you can see that I've used the same copy as the headline or the hook, right? Make sure you are congruent because if it's got different copy on your capture page headline, then it's not going to convert and you're not going to get those leads, so very important.


Step Two: Post daily and be consistent

You want to be posting your Instagram post on a daily basis, and you want to be consistent with posts. If you worked out that the best time to post is around 7:00 PM or 9:00 PM Eastern, then you want to consistently be posting at 7:00 PM or 9:00 PM Eastern. I have found to get the most engagement and more likes on my Instagram post at those times, so go ahead and feel free to post at those times.

There are scheduling tools that you can upload about seven Instagram posts at once, and then you schedule them to be posted over a course of seven days if you want to save time.

There are free apps to create the artwork for your Instagram posts like Textgram, I use a paid app called “Word Swag” that I downloaded on the Google Play Store, but again, you don't have to use a paid app. There are plenty of free apps out there that you can create your Instagram posts with.

Motivational quotes get the most engagement on instagram, just like you can see on my profile. This is what's working for me which helps me generate leads on a daily basis. Make sure that you add your blog URL on your artwork, that way, they can actually go ahead and check you out or search for you on google. I generate leads from Instagram traffic simply from people being exposed to my profile and then checking out my blog.

Add hashtags to your Instagram posts as well and make sure they are all based around your niche. I'm in the “make money online” niche or the opportunity space, so as you can see, I've added hash tags, “#Be your own boss, #Opportunity,
#Entrepreneur, #Lead generation, #Digital marketing, #Affiliate marketing, #Pic of the day, #Instagood, #Home business,
#Dadpreneur, #mompreneur, #Stay-at-home dad, #stay-at-home mom, #High-ticket online marketing. Make sure you add hashtags to your posts, and you will get more engagement and more likes.

Now, just a side note about marketing in general, guys. Make sure you make all of your marketing about your prospect. It's all about how you can help them move from their pain to their pleasure. Remember It's all about them and it's not about you.

Once you take the focus off yourself and put all your focus on your prospect in all the marketing that you put out there, you will build trust alot faster, you will get way more results in your marketing, you will get more leads, and you'll get more click-throughs, and ultimately make more sales!


Step Three: Follow and Un-follow other Instagram users


Now, this is where you want to start following people and unfollowing people in your niche as well. There are two ways you can do this. There's the manual way if you've got a lot of time on your hands. You start searching for gurus, or other systems, or other products that are similar to what you are selling or what market you are into, and you want to search for those profiles.

Once you have found a profile that has a ton of engagement, go into some of their posts, and literally go down and click on the people commenting, go to their profile and start following all of those people. What will happen is they will actually start following you back because everyone on Instagram knows that if you follow someone, then usually they follow you back.

What will happen is they will look at your profile, and end up clicking your link, and opting in to whatever your free lead magnet is if it's attractive to them.
Now, you want to make sure that your followers are a lot higher than the people that you are following.
For example if you have 2,000 followers, you want to be following less people than that.

The second option is to sign up to an Instagram bot. You can go to Google and you type in “Instagram bots,” and there's bunch of tools and websites out there that you can pay a monthly fee or a daily fee, and they can follow and unfollow people in your niche for you…
However what I like to do, is turn to the freelancing website, or , and type in “Instagram,” and search for “Instagram Marketing.”
What you'll find is there's hundreds of people out there that you can hire, and they will look after your Instagram account for you, and follow people, and unfollow people. Literally, you can outsource that part of the equation, and I only like to outsource that part of the formula because I want to have full control over what I post and what hashtags I use, etc…

To recap the three-step formula:

Step number one- you want to update your bio. You want to give away a free lead magnet, and you want to make sure that the link goes to a capture page so you can capture the lead.

Step number two- you want to be posting on a regular basis, on a daily basis, and use motivational quotes.

Step number three- you want to make sure that you're following and unfollowing users daily.

If you followed these three simple steps, you will be generating free leads on Instagram and sales daily!

To your freedom

Dan Muscat

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