Lead Magnets That Convert Into Sales

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Lead Magnets That Convert Into Sales

One of the most effective ways to convert traffic into subscribers then convert those subscribers into loyal paying customers is by creating a lead magnet. In simple terms this means you give away value based content in exchange for the prospects email address.

Now there is a method behind crafting the right lead magnet. The main point of your lead magnet Is to provide results in advance… What do I mean by that? Your lead magnet content should be so good that your new lead will go out and implement what you have taught them to do and get a positive result in their business.

Not only will this position you as an authority in the market place, but your new lead will immediately see you as the expert, and will most probably purchase your products and services in the future.

One great way to create great valuable lead magnets is to simply learn-do-teach!

Even if you have just began in your online journey, that formula works like a charm!

For example:

If you have purchased a traffic product like the solo ad success formula, and have completed the course, then you now know how to write solo ad email swipe copy, select a quality vendor, which will run hoards of traffic to your offer.

Next go out and research a quality vendor, purchase traffic just like the course shows you how to, then once you have received your result from running a solo ad or several, transcribe the process step by step in detail in a pdf format or on video, so your new lead can execute on that exact information to gain a great result also.

Now you want to include as much done for you resources as possible, in this example you could include already written solo ad swipe copy, a few quality vendors you have used and can recommend.

You have to make your content very action based, step by step procedure style, so your prospect will read it and immediately think that they can implement what you are teaching.

And when you include done-for-you swipe and include vendors you have recommended, you have given them everything they need on a silver platter to go out and run a solo ad to get immediate results as quick as humanly possible.

These are the few elements I like to include when creating a lead magnet:

  1. Solve a particular core problem
  2. Provide results in advance
  3. Build authority in the market place
  4. Provide Value
  5. Make your offer the next logical step

I see a lot of marketers creating lead magnets that give value but don’t solve any problems for their target market, so be sure to create your lead magnet around these four areas: traffic generation, lead conversion, sales conversion and follow up.

Remember that you want to build up your authority in the marketplace so always share your credentials who ever download your lead magnet, and if you’re a total newbie and have no real results yet that’s ok, if your lead magnet is high quality and you have not held back any information, then it will provide results for your new lead, this will position you as the authority.

Once you have crafted your lead magnet and have a final draft, you need artwork to make it look professional which can be all outsourced cost effectively on freelance websites such as upwork.com and fiverr.com . These can include a pdf, cover artwork, e-book cover art work and perhaps a banner/popup for your website.

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