My Daily Method Of Operation

My Daily Method Of Operation

Hey Dan Muscat here, I have been fortunate and privileged to have conducted a presentation at an Internet marketing live event in Maui Hawaii, the event was hosted by my mentor Misha Wilson who has built an online marketing business from scratch to 2.7 Million dollars with a 12month period and continues to scale rapidly.

The event was jammed packed with value for the attendees

including multi-seven-figure guest speakers

who I got to share the stage with, one on one coaching, and advanced marketing techniques shared by the host himself Misha Wilson.

I shared my daily method of operation of my personal business to the attendees, all the high impact that I implement on a daily basis so they could get an insight of where they should be spending their time to achieve massive results.

Before we dived into the content I brought up a topic that most newbie marketers don't even think about that is crippling their business before they even start…

Time… the most valuable asset!

I explained to the room full of eager entrepreneurs that you need to do whatever it takes to scale your business. 

You need to make small sacrifices to dedicate time to building your business, go all in and commit to making it work and great things will happen!

Once we established that I went through where I spend 80% of my time in my business, which all activities to produce more customers and monetize existing customers:

  1. Talk radio email marketing – I create and write 2 emails a day, the first email is story/value based and the second is a small punchy ad style email selling an offer, these are scheduled for the following day.

  2. List management – Maintaining my email list and routinely cleaning every 30-60 days using a win back campaign consisting of a 3 email sequence to drive an open then the unopened get deleted.

  3. Written or video blog posts – I focus on uploading a mix of written and video blog posts twice a week giving value to my subscribers and followers usually on the following topics: Traffic, conversions, follow-up strategies, systems, and mindset.

  4. Creating Offers and bonuses – I allocate time every day looking at my current bonuses and tweaking them for higher conversions, and also creating new offers to be presented via a live webinar. I send out my new or tweaked bonuses as a ‘fire sale’ email to test responsiveness, and present premium offers via a live webinar.

  5. Contact existing customers – I host regular training calls with my customers and team members and help them with their business. This builds a long lasting relationship and they get better results in their business which helps my business and they are more receptive if I recommend future products or services.

  6. Consult funnel – I spend time calling up qualified consult funnel applicants up who apply via my website and email links, giving value coaching own the call and servicing their requirements.

Check out this FB live I recorded while onstage at the event:


Be consistent with your marketing, learn one strategy and move to the next building them on top of each other. Commit to a daily method of operation and you will breakthrough.

To your success,
Dan Muscat

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  • Very handy, I was looking for a way to refine my daily routine. Thanks for sharing.

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