My Top 3 Strategies For Maximum Profits

My Top 3 Strategies For Maximum Profits


Are you spending more than you are making in your online biz? I know the feeling as I used to spend thousands on paid advertising every month with little to no return on my investment!

The biggest problem I had was my focus!

I was putting all my focus on generating traffic and leads,

I was not spending much if not no time on my follow up with those new leads!

Once I invested in my own education and spent time learning new skill sets and applying them to my business, the results began to grow.

They say the money is in the list….

But the real marketers know:

“The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up”

Daily follow up with your list builds rapport and also a higher ROI (return on investment)

I recorded a fantastic Facebook live today on my fan page that teaches you my top 3 marketing strategies that if implemented, will help you immensely in achieving a positive ROI in your business!

Click play on the video below to check it out:

To recap the 3 strategies:

  1. 1. Talk radio email marketing

AM email: Send out a value based, story based email that will help them in some way in their business, usually I spend at least 30min crafting this email, then send it out to my list between 6am-8am

PM email: Short punchy, clicky Ad style email, very obvious I am promoting a product or system, this one usually takes me 5min to create and includes 3-4 links.

The phycology behind this strategy is your follower will get value from the AM email and drive them to open the second, which will create more opens and clicks!

2. Blog Authority Website

The main reason that you should have a

‘self-branded’ blog is to build rapport and trust,

it's a place for your best content, make the content actionable giving your future team members results in advance! Your blog will position you as the go-to person in your marketplace! You will eventually monetize your blog which will add to your ROI.

3. Consult Funnel

A consult funnel is a must for all marketers if you are serious about your business. It is a free consult strategy session where you help your leads and identify what they need help with in their business, you overwhelm them with value and help them get their business into profit mode!

If they have a problem e.g. traffic, then show them how you drive hoards of traffic and prescribe them the solution! Check out my consult funnel right here to reverse engineer!

If you apply at least one of these top 3 strategies, you will see a massive increase in results for your business,

apply all three and you will be on your way tom a six figure business!

to your success

Dan Muscat

PS. Are you stuck struggling, overwhelmed and spinning your wheels? If so apply now for one of my Free Profit Accelerator Strategy Sessions by clicking here!

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