Routine And Consistency Is The Magic Bullet

Routine And Consistency Is The Magic Bullet


You know when I had little to no results when I first got started in this industry in 2015 I had no routine in place, I was taking a lot of action, BUT I was not consistent!

Even worse than that I was spending all my time in the wrong areas of my business, no wonder…

I felt like I was pushing a boulder up-hill for a long time!!!

One thing I learned at my first internet marketing mastermind I had attended was to have a vault routine in place and execute on it every day like clock work….

Consistency is key here!

“Most people lack consistency”

It’s actually hard for 97% of people to commit and execute on a daily routine! Harsh but its true!

I teach and give advice to a lot of students and the most common excuse I get is:

“I can't do that every day!, who’s has time to send out two emails a day!”

It really comes down to how hungry are you to succeed?

Dial in your “WHY”

Postpone hobbies and time-sucking activities in your day that is not going to help you propel your business forward, and cut out 2-3 hours per day to execute your routine.

“What activities should be on my daily routine?”

Write down all the activities or action steps that are going to improve your business, actions that are going to bring more people into your world and into your business .. aka new customers…

Here are some of the things in my daily routine to get you thinking:

  • Email Marketing: Send out two emails a day, one in the AM with value, story based to build rapport with my list, sending them back to a blog, webinar, video on. my youtube etc.. The second email in the PM, short punchy ad style with 3-4 links sending them to an offer or promotion.


  • Writing 2 blog posts per week: can be a written blog post just like this one, or a video blog post you could record on your phone while you are out and about, upload it the send it out to your list in one of your am emails.


  • Create new offers and tweak current offers – see what the marketplace wants, do your research I forums etc, then create new offers and send them out as a flash sale, you can create premium offers also and present them over a live webinar.


  • Create sales webinars, host them weekly, or fortnightly, this will increase engagement with your list, create new customers and buyers.


  • Consult funnel: Add a consult funnel to your website and send it out to your list every month to flag people that want to take action, have them fill out a wufoo form and then get them on the phone and help them with their business. See what they need to succeed and prescribe them the solution.


  • Allocate time to call your new customers up and welcome them, add them to a Facebook group and give them incentives to take action, this will help them in their business and ultimately help you grow yours.


If you start applying at least two of these strategies daily and be consistent,

you will start to see growth in your business, invest time in your intellect capital and add new skill sets that will help you further grow your business as a marketer.

All successful online marketers have a daily routine they execute on,

so if you want to break free with your business and finally see the results you are looking for, then get busy, get organized, and work out what your daily routine is, be consistent and it's not if you will break through it's when!

To your success!

Dan Muscat

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