The Importance of Bonus Creation

Let me ask you a question, if you were going to purchase a car and it met your requirements, ticked all the boxes but you just can’t make that decision for some reason, then the salesmen said to you he will throw in as a bonus if you purchase today:

  • custom floor mats – value $299
  • tinted windows – $397
  • tank full of gas- $90
  • first 3 services for free – $1997

And you see the extra value of $2783 and call it a deal! And the same thing applies to creating and offering bonuses to your customers who purchase from you.

Most affiliate marketers out there actively promoting are spending most of there time on traffic generation, and are not focusing some time and energy on providing more value for their customers by crafting and offering them bonuses if they purchase a front end product or say a high ticket upsell for example.

You’re probably thinking “how am I meant to create bonuses? But I just started… I have no results yet! I haven’t made a sale yet! “This is the wrong mindset, everyone can create bonuses, they don’t have to cost you a thing dollar wise, but you can create bonuses that are of high value to your customer.

This is how I create my bonuses, the first thing I look at is the product I’m selling, and I ask myself the same question every time I want to create a bonus:

Q1. What value can I add to this product that is missing?

Q2. What would I like to receive as a bonus that would seal the deal?

In a nut shell you want to bridge the value gap. So let’s say you are promoting an affiliate system that has a front end offer aka trip wire offer that is a trial, usually priced between $1 – $10 which gives your customer full access to the system/offer you are promoting, then you ask your self Q1. Here are some examples you could offer….

  • Personal one on one time (capped of course, lets say 30 min skype call) to give them a grand tour of the back office etc.
  • If you are driving traffic you could give bonus leads
  • YouTube training video’s you have recorded
  • Done for you email templates they can use for follow up emails

Then you have to craft bonuses with higher value for the core offer and the profit maximizer ‘high ticket’. This is where a lot of new marketers get it all wrong. If you are promoting a product or system with an ascension style sales funnel, then there are offers that are of higher value, so your bonuses have to match that higher value also.

Here are some examples of bonuses that offer higher value:

  • 500 – 1000 leads
  • Website/blog creation
  • Purchasing a developer’s licence for marketing tools etc.
  • 1 hour coaching sessions (multiple)
  • Done for you blog creation (2 or 3)

As you can see the contrast in value between these examples and the trip wire bonuses. The more your customer is paying for their product or offer, the higher in value your bonuses should be, however don’t forget when crafting them, you are offering them something your product/service or system does not offer so you are bridging the value gap. This will incentivise your customer to make that buying decision.

To your freedom,

Dan Muscat

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  • Great article, Coach Dan! I am stuck with creating bonuses, this article helps me understand it a little better. Thank you!

    ~ Jovita

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