The Real Truth About Traffic

The Real Truth About Traffic


Hey Dan Muscat here, if you have been following me for a while you're most probably are a home business owner, or an affiliate marketer who wants to generate leads and sales for your business…

If your new to internet marketing and your still trying work out how to generate a consistent flow of leads into your business, you really only have two choices to make:

1. Generate leads/sales using free traffic strategies
2. Generate leads/sales using PAID traffic strategies

The fact of the matter is, that you are still going to pay immensely for your time if you do what most newbie marketers do and try and generate leads using free strategies.

The problem is, you can't scale free.

What do I mean by that? I mean by let's say you're hosting the ever so popular Facebook live videos and you're generating leads and you're converting those leads into sales… let's say $100 every time you host a Facebook live. Then you want to scale to the $1,000 per day mark every time you host one of those videos.

It's really hard to scale that video, you can't just dial in 10X the advertising budget and change some targeting with a free video that will be live once…

If your a serious entrepreneur that wants to scale an online business, then take the time to learn Paid advertising! I would highly recommend choosing one paid strategy for eg Instagram ads, YouTube ads or Facebook ads to name a few.

There's no right or wrong traffic strategy, however if you are looking to create a solid business for the long term and leverage the internet, you do want to choose paid marketing. Get really good at paid marketing, and hone in on one strategy that really resonates with you, and that you get excited about.

Focus in on that one Paid strategy and turn the blinders on, Invest in yourself and your education. Go out there and buy some courses on that particular strategy and take action.

After trying to generate leads with Facebook advertising and losing $100's, spending over $1000 on PPV advertising, and wasting further money on other paid strategies, and having nothing but 26 leads and had made a fat ZERO in sales, I finally stumbled across solo ad marketing.

What I love about solo ad marketing, is you're leveraging someone else's list, another marketer's list, that they've built a relationship with, and the traffic is super targeted to online affiliate marketing, and business opportunities.

If budget is concerning you, you can get started with solo ad marketing for about $50, and if done so correctly is ample enough to generate leads and sales possibly, literally within about 24 to 48 hours from reading this post!

Once you know your numbers and you know you're honing in on that particular strategy, and you're generating leads and sales. Then, it's literally just about multiplying how much traffic you are purchasing, and you are confident your sales process on the back end is tested and proven.

Usually the fastest way to have a sales process in place that will maximize your return on investment with your advertising is to be promoting an affiliate system that has a solid sales process in place that will ascend a customer up the value ladder, aka a deep sales funnel with multiple products and services.

This is where most rookie marketers get it wrong, thinking they are going to find riches in promoting a $37 ebook from clickbank, and end up losing alot of money and not making enough to cover their costs…

Sure even if you do have a solid offer with a dialled in sales process, you are going to lose a little bit of money in the start because you're learning that strategy, that's just the way it is.

Work out what your budget is, what you're willing to lose on paid advertising, every single month, and just stick to that budget until you learn that strategy.

Once you learn that strategy and you're generating leads and sales, and as I said before, you're promoting a system with a deep sales funnel, what you're going to find is you're going to end up in profit mode a lot faster than you were in the beginning, because A, you know what you're doing, and B, you're generating leads and sales on a daily basis.

Before you know it you're getting big $500, $2500, $3500 commissions on the back end with your system, and that's truly where the magic happens with paid marketing.

PS. If this resonated with you and you want to get started with solo ad marketing, download my free traffic cheat sheet right here, I've stepped out exactly how you can run your first solo ad, including my high converting solo ad copy templates for you to use as your own, and my top 5 solo ad vendors that will take the guess work out of who to trust to run your first solo ad!
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To your success,

Dan Muscat








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