Traffic Led To My Success


Traffic Led To My Success

Traffic is the one thing that you need in order to get eyeballs on your offers, to create leads then converting those leads into customers, then repeat customers. And although you should focus on conversions, you need to learn the skill of driving hoards of traffic to your websites…

AT the beginning of my online journey a while ago now, just like 90 percent of newbie marketers I struggled with driving traffic.

I wasted so much money on Facebook ads, spending hours trying to work out the power editor with zero leads.  I then moved to other traffic strategies such as PPV (pay per view) which consisted of scraping urls, a tedious task of copying and pasting urls where you think your prospects are hanging out, and outing a pop up ad in front of them…

Cut a long story short, I was searching for the magic bullet traffic solution, hopping from one strategy to the other…

By this stage I had spent thousands on traffic, built an email list of twenty leads, and still had no sales in my business.

I remember feeling like crap while I watched all these guru’s talk about how many leads they generate daily, and I seriously thought they all knew some traffic secret that only gurus had access too!

So there I was, I had spent $7508 at this stage trying to get my new online dream business moving, and all it was doing was sucking every dollar I had, all the spare time I had, and I was ready to throw the towel in, and to be honest I did for a little while. The money and time I had spent put stress on my family and I was done…

It was that low point I stumbled across a Facebook post by this young 24 year old guy In my opportunity at the time, he posted a short crash course snippet of a new training product he just released… I proceeded to download the file and checked it out, it was a traffic strategy I heard about but never tried.. Solo Ad Marketing.

I dove headfirst into the content he shared and it made complete sense, the way he broke it down in small steps was very straight forward. I then contacted him for a link to his solo ad course, and immediately took action, and within 48 hours I had run my first ad, generated 50 new leads and 2 sales!

I remember that day like it was yesterday as that was my pivot point in my online business, this was the first time I made a sale! I was hooked again with this small milestone, I couldnt wait to run another solo ad using the training I had completed that taught me how to research vendors,leader-board write ad copy, track the ad… and before I knew it I was generating a min of 187 leads per day, built an email list of over 11,000 subscribers, making daily sales in my business opportunity and hitting the leader boards for leads and sales!

The 24-year-old guy I mentioned earlier who exposed me to solo ad marketing is my mentor Misha Wilson! He has successfully built a business from scratch to 1.7 Million in sales within 9 months using solo ads! To top that off he has done so by the age of 25!

Although there are a lot more facets to online marketing then just traffic, traffic and leads is where it all begins, once I had a consistent flow of leads slamming my inbox daily, I could then focus on other money-getting activities in my business, such as email marketing and webinars.

However there is no right or wrong paid advertising strategy, work out as soon as you can which platform resonates with you, and one that you can leverage as quick as humanly possible, then invest in educating yourself to mastering that skill set.

Once you have a consistant lead flow, targeted lead flow, then you can move on to other parts of your business.

To your success

Dan Muscat



P.S. My mentor and coach Misha Wilson is putting together a special once-off training on solo ad marketing you will not want to miss, jump on the early bird list right here so you will secure your seat on the upcoming web-class

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