Why You Can’t Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Why You Can't Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Hi Dan Muscat here, I'm going to be sharing with you the biggest mistake everybody makes when they venture online and they want to make money with affiliate products.
So this is what most people do when it comes to promoting affiliate products to make money online.

What happens is, they become an affiliate for big companies like Amazon.com or grabbing a few products off websites like ClickBank, etc, and what happens is, they start to drive paid traffic to that offer, so they can start selling that product to gain some commissions.

The problem is, the commissions are very small, and they're once-off…

The question is: Who does that customer belong to? Does it belong to you, or does it belong to Amazon or ClickBank? Can you remarket to that customer? No! you can't.

They can, though! So you have just created a customer for Amazon, or for ClickBank, or whoever the product owner is, and you can't remarket to that person.

So yes, you have got a commission on that sale, but you haven't created a customer that you can remarket to.


One of my favorite quote's by Dan Kennedy — “Once you have a customer, you have a customer, you have a customer, you have a customer”


The customer keeps buying and buying and buying, the more products you suggest to them, right? So the product creator who you have just generated the customer for will put other related products in front of them, and they earn more revenue on the backend.

And this is why you can't make money with traditional affiliate marketing.

There is a flip side, though, and a lot of people don't understand this, and that's why I wanted to write this blog for you today.

You need to make money on the back end.

Now, that's what all of these other affiliate companies are doing; you just don't realise it, because all you're getting stuck in is just earning that once-off commission.

The beauty of affiliate marketing, the new way affiliate marketing, is earning money on the back end. So there's the front-end offer, which is the affiliate product that you're actually promoting, and then there's the back end.

Amazon and the owners of the products on ClickBank etc, they're going to be earning money on the back end, because they're going to be remarketing to those customers higher-end products, which they're going to earn a lot more money in the long run, and getting more value out of their advertising spend, getting a positive return on their investment for that actual promotion.

So once you've got a solid back-end sales process in place, that is when you're going to produce big amounts of money, and that's how you're going to start making alot of money online.

Now, the good news is, you don't have to worry about creating a back end.

There are affiliate products out there called affiliate systems, marketing systems, if you will, and what they have done for you is taken the roadblock away.

They have created a back end sales process for you that you earn commissions on. So if you bring a customer in the front end, what's going to happen is that customer is tagged to you, and if they repurchase other items that the company that you're promoting is going to offer them, then you get the commissions all the way up the value ladder. So that means you're going to earn commissions on the back end as well as the front end.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don't know about this process, and it's called high ticket affiliate marketing systems. Just think about it for a minute. If you've been promoting affiliate products and getting a one-off commission, earning maybe $20, $30, $100 commissions, and you've spent, let's say, $200 on your ad spend, you're down by about $100.
So you've actually lost $100 on that ad spend. But if you have a solid back-end sales process in place with an affiliate system, that's when you start earning a positive return on investment with that original ad spend, and that's where you start gaining large profit margins, with high ticket affiliate marketing.

So don't get stuck in the trap of just promoting affiliate products, especially if you're a newbie. You want to jump on board an affiliate marketing system that's going to do all the work for you when it comes to the back-end sales process.

If you do your research and really find a company that has a high converting back-end process, then you are going to invest money into your advertising budget, and eventually you will see the power of earning big high ticket commissions on the back end.

Then you'll be able to begin to scale your business, and finally start making proper money online.

Now, a lot of the so-called gurus out there don't want you to hear any of this, right? They don't want you to know that you're spending your money on advertising to try and promote their products, and they're going to take those customers and close them into more sales down the road that you're not going to earn a dime on.

So that's why you want to promote affiliate marketing systems, and then you start receiving commissions on the back end every time that customer that you created, that's going through the system …

And every time that customer that you created purchases more products down the road, you get commissions on each and every one of those products when you are positioned accordingly in the system.

Now, what you have to understand is, most marketers know that when you drive traffic on the front end, and you sell that front-end product, that it's okay to lose money on that particular ad spend, because the whole idea about that front-end product is to create a customer.

So let's say you've spent $200 on an ad, and you've generated three customers with that $200, and they all purchase $30 each. So that's $90 that you've received, you spent $200 on your ad, you're actually minus about $110.

If you are promoting an affiliate system, then once one of those customers goes through and purchases a high ticket product down the road, and you receive a four figure commission, then you are well in front with your ad spend, and that's because you have a solid back-end process in place.

Now, I hope you now have a better understanding why you're not making money with traditional affiliate marketing, and why it's so important to have a back-end sales process in place, so you can start really earning those big commissions, and start creating a lifestyle business that you always wanted, and that's why you ventured online.

To your freedom

Dan Muscat

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