Will you regret what you didn’t do on your death bed?

Will you regret what you didn’t do on your death bed?

We all get so caught up in life in general, and its CRAZY how fast the years go by…

Ever since having a beautiful little family that is growing too fast, have I noticed how fast life just goes by!

Before we know it, we are hitting the old peoples home with memories and stories of our life…

The question is: “when you get to that stage in life, will you regret what you didn’t do in your life?”

Have you always wanted a sea change and to live near the beach but never did and settled for the city because you had a stable j.o.b and a family to support?

I get it…

Maybe you always wanted to travel and see the wonders of the world, but never left the shire…

I totally understand…

Perhaps you always voiced what you “wanted” to do, but got shot down by a negative family member that told you that was the stupidest idea they have ever heard??

That was my problem for years, and I always thought of my actions 100 times with my parents in mind as to how they will judge me before I made a decision….

It all comes back to the ‘conditioning thing’ I like to call the ‘parent conditioned syndrome’ …

It took me to get married, have kids to finally make some serious life changing decisions that are best for my family and I to have a fruitful life and enjoy it instead of “passing through it” !!!


I identified that realistically we don’t have much time on this planet, and why not enjoy every day and live where we want to live, and travel to the places we want to travel!

That’s the freedom an online business can give you! And that’s WHY I never gave up…

Sure it’s not easy, what’s easy is having a j.o.b and living a life of regret… That’s easy!

Check out this video I just uploaded for you on this subject:


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