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 If That's You...

I'm Willing To Put MY OWN MONEY ON THE LINE To Virtually Guarantee your Success!

If your request for a strategy session is accepted, this is how it will work:

We Will Get On Skype,
And review what you have currently in place, things like:

  • Your Current Sales Funnel And Follow Up Procedure's
  • Your Current Earnings, And How To Increase Your Profit Margins
  • What Your Goals Are, And What End Result You Wish To Achieve
  • What Road Blocks And Challenges Are Holding You Back...

We Will Then Focus On Three Things:

  • Teach You How To Drive Hoards Of The Best Quality Traffic To Your Offer, Which Will Build Your List At A Rapid Rate, Simultaneously Turning A Profit
  • World Class Follow Up Strategies That Will Increase Your List Responsiveness, Boost Sales Conversions And Profit Margins Without Spending All Day In front Of Your Computer
  • Growing To The Six Figure Level With Done For You Services So You Can Escape The Rat Race And Find True Freedom

I'll show you my Step-by-step blueprint on how you can grow your business and take it to the next level.

If you're a good fit, I'll invite you to become one of my next 10 six figure earners or 100 full time marketers i'm creating in 2017.

And if not, you still get to walk away with a blueprint to hit your goals in 2017.


"I feel like I hit the coach jackpot getting Dan"

"I feel like I hit the coach jackpot getting Dan. He’s there to answer my questions, guide me and educate me all day. Sometimes it feels like he doesn’t sleep because no matter what day or time, if I ask him a question, minutes later he responds with an answer or lets me know he’ll be with me soon. I can’t express enough about how Dan has made my SAN journey such a wonderful experience AND within 4 weeks of SAN I’ve had 3 sign ups and 5 products sold! After 18 months in another program and only two sales, I can’t speak highly enough of Dan, couldn’t have done it without his guidance… Everyone needs a coach like Dan!"
Stacey (Stacey & Sim)

I’ve been exposed to traditional business since a young age, I worked in a family business for over twenty years, eventually taking over the traditional brick and mortar business, to find myself in massive debt, and no time freedom.

I wanted a lifestyle business that could be run from my laptop, that I could take anywhere…

I ventured online and found the affiliate marketing business model and dove in head first, not knowing what to do, and having no clear action plan, no strategy, and no coaching, I soon became stuck, struggling, overwhelmed and a further $7508 in debt trying to make this online business work!

I then found my mentor and he taught me how to get laser targeted traffic to my offer, taught me the follow up processes needed to be successful in this industry, and within 30 days from that first strategy session I made my first $1408 online and I began to scale to six figures very quickly!

I now hit the company’s leader boards consistently for leads and sales generated, built teams all over the world, conduct live trainings, offer personal one on one business coaching services to students all over the world, that are now experiencing scalable growth in their business’.